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*** VIP Client Testimonials ***

"2nd time ordering, want the 3 for 3 Testanabol. Two words for your legal anabolics products, Freakin' Awesome. You just gained another lifetime customer.”

Paul M. Midland, PA.

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“I've taken the 10 Week Super Human Strength Stack twice, and the 14 Week Stack twice and have hooked just about everyone else in my unit up with you guys. I was asked numerous times if I was ‘juicing’ which made me ecstatic. I'll be having 2 more people order these legal anabolics products here in a few weeks. In 2009 I got into an accident and broke just about everything from my ribs to my knees. I credit your products with helping me get back in shape so I could deploy with my unit. Now I'm back in the ‘stan and my goal is to reach 250 and be cut. I'm 215 now and can't wait to start my way up. Back to being the big guy at the gym! Thanks again for everything!”

Trevin K., U.S. Military, Proudly Serving Our Nation in Afghanistan

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"I love your legal anabolics products (Deca-diboldazol, D-androbol, Testanabol, Protropil) in two weeks they work good for me. I'm stronger than ever. I'm 250 lbs I'm going all the way. Thanks!"

Artis P. Fort Lauderdale Florida

"I have three weeks to go on the stack I purchased(8 Week Insanely Huge) and let me tell you nothing absolutely nothing has even come close to working like the legal anabolic stack I purchased from! I'm 35 years old and have been back in the game for two years now. First of all if you have never used these products or are new to the game be prepared if you train right and eat right you will grow and lose fat like you never thought possible I found my body craving protein I even set my alarm so I could get up in the middle of the night and get some quality protein in it makes sense you don't go 8 hours during the day without getting the nutrients your body needs why would you do it at night! I will only order products from the proof is in the pudding!"

Mike M. Wyoming

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"I have 4 weeks left (Supradrol, Protropil, Testanabol) on my legal anabolics cycle and I'm impressed. Talk to you soon...Great product line!"

Robert N.
Minerva, OH

"I've been lifting weights for almost 25 years. I was VERY skeptical about ordering. After reading all the info about all these legal anabolic products and ingredients, I decided to try one. (Deca-Diboldazol) It's only been 12 days, but what a ride!!! I've gained rock solid mass, and I cannot get over the fact of how great these legal anabolics products are working for me. It is truly "FREAKY". God bless your research team and all involved in bringing these products to the marketplace at an affordable price. I wish you continued success."

Bruce C. Green Acres, FL

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"I have been using your legal anabolics products (Deca-diboldazol, Testanabol, D-androbol) for approximately 3 months and have seen improvements everywhere! I have noticed size and strength gains being made that are phenomenal! I can’t thank you enough for providing such great products! Keep up the innovations and variations of the best supplementation known!"

Derrek R.
Contractor in Afghanistan

"I just added Deca-diboldazol about a month ago to my daily D-Androbol and in just this month i've exploded, after stacking these two legal anabolics products I've got muscles on my arms I've never seen before, thank you guys for making me a god of the gym!"

Keith Chattanooga, TN

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"Awesome results! Using your products (Testanabol, Deca-diboldazol, D-androbol), I'm hitting a 300 pound bench for 10 reps! I feel and look amazing and the ladies are knocking at my door. I'm ready for the next cycle."

Frank R.
Rosamond, CA

"Whats up people, just wanted to share with everyone that I have been on the 8 Week Get Freaky Big Stack now for one week and what i have felt is amazing. My strength and my stamina from this legal anabolic stack is at an all time high.  My workouts were already crazy, now with the get big freaky stack included its now insane, I have people looking at me in the gym like I'm not human and I love it. My rest time between each set has gotten shorter and my willingness to bang out another set after set has been no problem. I can't wait to complete my 8 week cycle with one month off of course to see my results from all my work in the gym and from the help of the get freaky big stack to keep me motivated."

Nelson M. Jersey City, NJ

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"So let me start by saying what great legal anabolic supplements (Supradrol, Masterzolol, Winnabol). Lifting like a mad-man my bench press is up by 60 lbs, my curls are up by 30 lbs, and my shoulder press is up by 60 lbs. And the greatest part is my cardio is just plain SICK. People all over are trippin’ on me and I can see a lot of people looking at me. I love it! I got guys coming up to me asking now what do they need to do to get results like me. My wife says your arms are getting more cut and your stomach is getting a lot flatter. If you eat right and put in the work in the gym you WILL get results period. I feel so much stronger now and my muscles are more dense and I have more vascularity. I am so glad I took the chance and ordered from you guys it was the best decision I ever made. Awesome products! Thanks guys for all your support and answering all my questions!”

Chris P.
Paris, CA

"I am pumped man! I had really hit a wall in my workouts and had just stopped seeing results. Then I ordered your legal anabolics products. Man, was I PUMPED. Almost immediately I began to see results. Within 2 weeks my arms began to swell and my chest and shoulders just exploded. On my 7th week of an 8 week cycle using Winnabol and Deca-diboldazol and it is amazing. My bench press has went from 255 lbs up to 305 and still going. I'm doing more reps and more sets on every lift than ever before. I've gained a bunch of rock solid muscle, and my body fat has went down! Your products are just awesome and can't wait to start another cycle. I would highly recommend your products to anyone who wants to take that next big step. Thanks again guys!" Sincerely,

Tony C
Baghdad, Iraq

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“I want to say thank you! I am 37 yrs old and I feel and look stronger and simply better than I ever have. I have increased my max squat, bench and deadlift by at least 30 lbs in each (and still gaining) using the 10 week Super Human Strength Stack. Also my arms are 18 inches now! I eat a little more and tear it up in the weight-room as I always have and the results are UNDENIABLE! I recently hit a big-time plateau. I really want you guys and anyone reading my testimonial to know that the one and only factor that I broke thru my plateau is I took a risk and bought your legal anabolics products. I am so glad I did! Because of you and your quality products I get bigger and stronger every day. No joke, every day. I am not a pro bodybuilder by any means but I have taken my body above and beyond what I thought possible for my frame. With your products and a 90 day money back guarantee it's a no-brainer. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Aric M.
Clare, MI

"I purchased Supradrol about a month back and let me tell you this stuff is fantastico. I'm seriously JACKED with chiseled abs and obliques. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants true muscle that lasts and doesn't cause water retention."

Mike A.
Agawam, MA

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“I’m currently 47 yrs old, I am using your legal anabolics products (Winnabol, Masterzolol, Testanabol) for my 2nd cycle this year. I have increased my bench 30 lbs, well until my weight bench broke, literally I have to buy another one. I’m curling 40 lbs more than before using your products and my deadlifts/shrugs that has increased at least 40 lbs. Thanks for the products!”

Mike F.
Cleveland, OH.

"After gaining 20 lbs. of rock solid muscle, I hit a wall and couldn't seem to make any gains. I was eating, lifting, resting, and was cycling through supplements like they were tic-tacks. Finally I got fed up with all of the juicers in the gym and decided to do some research. After reviewing Science Anabolic Labs legal anabolics products I immediately ordered a bottle of D-Androbol. 1 ½ weeks later I received my package. My first week I noticed significant strength gains. On my second week of lifting I felt like the Hulk! It was GREAT! I then decided to cycle off of D-Androbol to see if I would actually keep all of the new weight I had put on. I decided if I lost all my weight I would send it back for my refund. A month has gone by and I've yet to lose any of it. I now weigh 155 lbs., flat bench 310 lbs., decline 315 lbs., my arms rip out of all my shirts, and people are always asking me what supplements to take. I have people coming up to me in the gym believing I weigh 175 lbs., and when I tell them my weight they demand I jump on the scale. Then they feel like complete chumps after I morph them in my zen garden, oops I mean weight room. My friends are blown away by my strength gains. I'm super shredded with absolutely no water weight. I'm just about to start cycling back on D-Androbol and stack it with Deca-diboldazol. I'm hoping to stack on 15 more lbs. before the new year. Trust me, you don't want to be that skinny dude on the beach that every girl walks past. I've been that guy, and now I have all my friends jealous and signing up for gym memberships. When we go out all of my friends demand I go with them because I'm a model magnet. Thanks Science Anabolics Labs for these amazing clean products!!!'

Ryan R. Huntington Beach, CA

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“I am 41 years old and I have been using Supradrol for nearly a month now, and I just added Winnabol a week ago. I must say that I've never had this much energy to burn. The "Supradrol" makes me feel as if every pump is easy and counting for some real muscle gains. After adding the Winnabol my body seems like it is on fat-burning and muscle building auto-pilot. I have regained much of the strength I had lost from a shoulder injury late last year. There have been no negatives in the bedroom. In fact, my wife loves the results and she can't keep her hands off of me. I just want to thank you guys for offering such great legal anabolic supplements. You have another satisfied customer! Can't wait to try Deca-Diboldazol for more size and shape.”

Gerald B.
Keller, TX

“When I did my initial legal anabolics cycle of Testanabol and Protropil I hit a new level of intensity and strength gains. A 275 log press (gunning for 300) 600 lb hex bar dead-lift but most of all 20,000lb semi pull at 172 lbs body weight. This is done pre calf tear. I'm preparing to compete again in August. After a calf tear (tore in November) flipping a tire it was all about healing and recovery. My legs are not up to par yet, but when I could post again my log press was at again 275 lbs post injury.”

Don F. Marion Center, PA

"I am in the 2nd part of the legal anabolic 8 week Get Freaky Big Stack. Its not easy I work 10 hours a day but I am up to 290 on the bench and 295 on the decline that's good to be 53."

Larry W. Campobello, SC

"I am on my second bottle of Testanabol, and it is freakin awesome!! I've dropped weight using these legal anabolics and have gained about 60 lbs on my bench! I train heavier and more intense everyday and am seeing huge gains both in size as well as strength. This stuff rocks! Get Freaky Big truly makes the bodybuilding world a better place. They have gained a very loyal customer."

Chris M. Austin, TX

"I bumped into Science Anabolics Labs a year ago in search of the best legal anabolic supplements. I was overweight and had no strength at all. I was skeptical at first, but decided to try it due to their 90 day money back guarantee. I ordered the 14 week stack. I started my 14 week stack during the spring of 2009. With the proper diet and dedicated training, My bench press max went from 285lbs to 355lbs. My curl in dumb bells went from 40lbs to 65lbs. I have never gained such mass and strength during my 14 week training with the supplements, a nice protein shake, dieting and rest. My body changed from overweight to shedding fat and building mass! I felt better during the stack and my endurance and stamina increased during the first couple of weeks of use. Thanks!"

Lino B. Somerset, NJ

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“My first legal anabolic cycle I took was D-Androbol and I instantly starting feeling results. I'm now hitting 225 pounds bench after D-Androbol this is the strongest I've ever been. I recently took Testanabol and now I'm seeing crazy cuts. Right now I'm at 210 solid and it feels great. Thankyou!”

Phillip S.
Modesto, CA

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"I have been using your legal anabolics products for over a year now and the results are astonishing! I went from a chubby guy to a lean, solid 210lbs! I'm 5'10" and 42 years old and I have not felt this great since my early 20's! I'm in the best shape of my life. I used Testanabol, Winnabol, and Masterzolol alternating every few months with breaks in between. I am back to benching 315 for reps using the 5x5 workout. I recommend anyone serious about training and getting significant gains use your products!"

Metry S. Clifton NJ

"I have cycled D-Androbol for three times now and saw big time growth using this legal anabolic product. I feel great when I use it and I see the size and change in my body within two weeks. Thanks to I am becoming the Freak I always wanted to be."

Paul "soon be a freak" Downey, CA

"I gained 20 pounds, and my arms and chest starting to show. I used the legal anabolic 8 Week Get Freaky Big Stack, thank you guys!"

Daynel Hialeah, FL

"I have been using Winnabol and Deca-diboldazol only one series now and have made amazing gains. I am 58 years old, have lifted most of my life. Last week I did 10 reps on the leg press with 900 pounds and dumbbell incline bench press for 10 reps with 80#. I have never been close to that before. These legal anabolics products are great."

Dan M Shreveport, LA

"Well it's been two weeks since I've tried your legal anabolics products...and holy batman my strength is through the roof! I was a little skeptical before I started after having been burned by other countless products. I'm glad I gave these products a chance. I'm taking the Deca-diboldazol and the D-Androbol. My workouts are frickin awesome! Pumps are incredible and my strength is ridiculous. I almost feel like I can do my entire workout again when I'm finished. I've already put on 6lbs. Thanks for making a product that actually works and aint all hype."

Jamil J. Fontana, CA

"I have tried 2 products, Deca-Diboldazol and Supradrol. The results have been great, Working out 3 days a week and eating a high protein diet, I've dropped fat, and have gained big-time in my arms, shoulders and chest of solid muscle, and I have increased the weight used on all of my exercises." JaySin C. Shanks, WV
"I would like to take the time to give you this short testimonial about my experience using your legal anabolics products. I am always skeptical when I see products like these. These products did not change my opinion of any other products, although it did show me that I should not be skeptical of yours. I took 3 bottles of Deca-diboldazol and 3 bottles of winnabol. The results were amazing. When I started, I weighed approximately 215 pounds. I have worked out previously in my life but hadn't been in the gym in around 8 years. I got 225 pounds on bench one rep on my first day back. After taking these products for the short time I did, I dropped fat and am very proud to say my bench went way up. I have not felt this good since I was 22 years old. Thanks again."

Christopher, Danville, KY

"I just wanted to say how much i love your legal anabolics products. Using Deca-diboldazol, my arms are bigger my bench press went up , my leg press went from 500 lbs to 650 lbs. My energy levels are way up and i feel great, my confidence in myself is so great right now i walk around with perma grin on my face constantly. I just ordered the 8 week Get Freaky Big Stack and I cannot wait to see the final results. Thank you you just gained another life long customer."

Rich D. Sanford, ME

"I've been using Deca-diboldazol. I'm 68 years old and as you know, the older you get, the more difficult it is to acquire muscle mass. But, I've put on nice size on my bicep/triceps, my thighs and my calves since I started using the Deca-diboldazol. Additionally, there has been significant development in my shoulders, lats, lower back and abs. I can measure the results, see the results and feel the results using your legal anabolics. I had quit body-building and weightlifting over two years ago after spending at least twenty years in the weight room getting pretty big. Looks like I'm headed back in that direction."

Larry M. Cedaridge, CO

"Hey guys I just want to tell you how great your legal anabolics products are. I got the 8 Week Get Freaky Big stack with a friend and we cannot believe the results after just two weeks using your products. I feel stronger and I love going to my garage to workout now instead of dreading it. I really want to thank you for putting these products out there, they are the best muscle building legal anabolics I have ever tried. Thanks again guys!"

Scott N. Reno, NV.

"I cant believe the gains!!!! I am 48yrs old, have been working out for a long time. A little muscle here, a little muscle there. Never really happy. Then one day I found legal anabolic supplements, said to myself I am going to do and I did. I ordered Testanabol and Winnabol and never been happier. My arms, chest, back and shoulders BIGGER. Lost the gut. MY WIFE IS HAPPY...its like I am twenty again. Thank you. I will be a customer for LIFE."

Doug J. North Babylon,NY

"I recently stacked Winnabol and Deca-Diboldazol together for a cycle and had GREAT results. I would stack in the morning 30 min. prior to workout and would always follow with a good carb such as oatmeal. My workouts consisted of 4 day split body routine and small amounts of cardio. I used a high protein diet and high calorie diet to gain size while on cycle. Halfway thru cycle i had maintained around the same weight but body fat had decreased and every set had increased weight by at least 25lbs. At the end of the cycle my arms, chest and back much noticeable larger. I had dropped body fat, and gained lbs of lean muscle. My bench is now 315, curls 125 on ezbar, and squats a dramatic 355. I cant thank you enough for the result received from your legal anabolic products and i have recently placed and order for Supradrol and Masterzolol. I have recommended you guys to a great number of friends, and those who took the challenge thanked me upon the completion of there cycle. Keep it up guys you are giving everyone a good opportunity to get that results everyone wants to get without needing a needle to get it."

Jason C. Huntington, WV

"About a month ago I had hit a point in my training where I wasn't making sufficient gains in strength or mass. I had tried different training techniques that had worked in the past. Still nothing helped me overcome this obstacle. Researching on the internet led me to discover Deca-Diboldazol and D-Androbol in which I stacked, continuing my training, diet, and rest. Within the first week I could feel a difference in the gym, bedroom and in between workout days. I would get such an awesome pump when I worked out and didn't want to stop adding more weight. I enjoyed adding more weight each set and getting the same if not more reps. My clothes felt like they had shrunk one size and my muscles were full and dense even on days I did not train. After a month I had gained muscle and strength that I could of only dreamed of. These legal anabolic supplements are awesome and I am looking forward to my next stack."

Matt R. Beckley, WV

"After using Deca Diboldazol, I have noticed a difference in my arms and abs the most. They have been looking a lot bigger and more defined. Compliments have been coming my way left and right. My bench has increased drastically recently, which is surprising since my chest has always been lagging. I'm glad that I have been using this great legal anabolic product." Keegan O. Corpus Christi, TX

"Oh yea, this does really work. In just a few days my wife noted how much of gains that I had made. I was very skeptical in the beginning, however, after a week of using your legal anabolics products WOW!!! It is amazing how much and fast that I have grown. I've been working out for years and have never had faster gains from any other products that I have tried. Others are now noticing and wonder what my secret is. Thank you for having such great products that allow me to reach my fullest potential!!!!!"

Tim R. Fayetteville, WV "I've been using

D-Androbol for only two weeks now, i am freakin shocked how much weight i can pump now, I'm already getting ripped from using this stuff, i feel like a hulk now and just two weeks ago i felt like a wimp, now my only problem is just trying to keep my wife off of me, just wont stop about how good I'm looking now, thank you guys @ GetFreakyBig, you're legal anabolics products changed my life!"

Keith O. Chattanooga, TN

"I purchased 1 bottle of Deca-diboldazol about a month ago and couldn't believe the results. I gained muscle mass and strength and increased my squat by about 50 pounds. My energy level increased also. I am planning to try the legal anabolic 8 week freaky big stack next. Thanks"

Edward R. Brownsville, TX

"I have been on the 8 Week Get Freaky Big Stack now for one week and what i have felt is amazing. My strength and my stamina from this legal anabolic stack is at an all time high. My workouts were already crazy, now with the 8 Week Get Freaky Big Stack included its now insane, I have people looking at me in the gym like I'm not human and I love it. My rest time between each set has gotten shorter and my willingness to bang out another set after set has been no problem. I can't wait to complete my 8 week cycle with one month off of course to see my results from all my serious work in the gym and from the help of the Get Freaky Big Stack to keep me motivated."

Nelson M. Jersey City, NJ Rep'n the Jersey City Fire Dept "Beast of Bergen", engine 19

“Almost finish with my 8 week leagl anabolic cycle with 2 bottles Testanabol and 2 bottles Deca-diboldazol. Results is great. Will be ordering again in 1 month. Thank you!” Isaiah K. Honolulu, HI.

"On Deca-diboldazol my size and strength went way up. I would recommend this legal anabolic product especially when you have reached a plateau."

Rocky N. Layton, Utah

"I'm just about done with the Get Freaky Big Stack that i had ordered and wow what results. I am extremely impressed with the results not only that but was able to put on lbs of solid muscle and dropping off the fat daily. I have also noticed as time goes on along with these amazing gains I'm more vascular than ever have been able to achieve before and i have try ed just about everything legal out there. Nothing gives u the same results that i have attained using these legal anabolics products that I will be ordering again soon. I would definitely recommend these products to anybody out there!"

David C. Westerly, RI

"Let me begin first off by saying: This stuff is mind blowing!! I have been taking the D-Androbol not quite two weeks yet and I am already seeing amazing results. Not only visual results but strength results as well. My bench has gone up and my arms are bigger. The extra flab around the waist line is beginning to disappear and the muscle underneath is beginning to show. I would highly recommend this legal anabolic product to anyone wanting to gain some quick strength and muscle mass. Amazing pumps, amazing concentration in the gym, amazing results, amazing product." Ryan D. New Hope, AL

"Since I have been taking Winnabol and Supradrol I have gained on my arms, my chest and my shoulders and I'm starting to look a lot bigger. I also have increased my weights and have decreased my body fat and lost 10 lbs. to boot along with my intense training program and eating clean."

Sgt. Clark Norman, Oklahoma US Military - Proudly Serving Our Nation in Iraq

“Awesome man! U guys rock! I’m a total fan of your guys legal anabolics products! Love the Deca-diboldazol great gains in size excited to cut it up with Winnabol brothers…Thanks !”

Jesse P. Evansville, IN.

"I was referred to your website from a friend of mine who was ridiculously huge compared to the guy he once was. I asked him what in the world he was taking and he said he got his legal anabolic stack from  I wanted to take whatever he was taking. So I logged on and ordered your 8 Week Get Freaky Big Stack, D-Androbol, Testanabol, and Deca-diboldazol has me looking the best I ever have in only one month! I can't wait to see what the next month has in store for me! Thanks again and I'll be purchasing from your company in the future."

Ryan Tempe, Arizona

"Wow, I don't know where to start. All I can say is that your legal anabolics products REALLY work. Last month a close friend gave me a bottle of his Deca-Diboldazol and said for me to try it. I was able to pack on lean muscle, and my bench has went from 200lbs to 275lbs. I am using Deca-diboldazol again for the second time now and looking forward to seeing even Greater results. Thanks again for producing such a great product. I recommend your product highly to my fellow body-builders looking for the best steroid alternatives on the market."

Jamie Asheville, North Carolina

"I wanted to say thank you for your great no B.S. legal anabolics products. I have taken a few different products of yours and I have not been happier when I look at myself. I have been lifting for a long time now but just stuck in a rut and not able to put on any real size. I started with Testanabol and D-Androbol and man did I feel like I could lift any weight I put on, and did not want to leave the gym. People are really asking me now how much I weigh and what I'm doing, I think I finally look big for once. I am 5'8 and currently weigh 188.8 and looking to just put a little more size on then go for strength and tone. Thank you for your great service and products and I'll keep you posted on progress."

Shawn Royalton, Minnesota

"I am a personal trainer with a varied client base. I had been searching for a legal anabolic product to aid in muscle definition, density and a way to accelerate fat loss. I found it in Science Anabolics Labs Testanabol! After using Testanabol for one month I noticed excellent results. My diet had been less than clean over the holiday season and my body composition still was transformed. I am a leaner, more defined, densely muscled 43 year old. This product ROCKS. It seems as though more women have noticed me as of lately and I am very happy with the results I have gotten from just under 30 days of use of this amazing product. Oh yes, I have been able to peform with incredible stamina I have been able to outlast a few women recently. I can't wait to get back to MY gym routine and really start getting this stuff pumping through my veins. I plan to check out more of your products so I can incorporate them into my recommendations to my clients along with their exercise programs I design for them. This is definitely a product I would recommend to my middle age clients to give their systems that extra boost needed to spark some fast results and increase motivation. Thank you!"

Michael ACSM - Certified Personal Trainer/Strength Conditioning Coach Easthampton, Massachusetts

"I have been using the Deca-diboldazol and I am very happy with the results. I always get a great workout and feel pumped up after like I could move a mountain always maintained great weight and get a lot of compliments I will continue to purchase your legal anabolics products from you. Thanks!"

Susan Belliville, Michigan

"When I received my D-Androbol, I started feeling the difference within days. Within a couple of weeks of using this legal anabolic supplement I was able to add noticeable muscle mass. It has been three months and I have gained pounds of pure muscle. My biceps have blown up. I have developed noticeably bigger pecs, and I have been receiving many positive comments on my muscle growth."

Ryan Madison, Wisconsin

"I have been using the 8 Week Insanely Huge Stack. My body is more leaner than ever, all my lifts have increased, the guys in the gym are watching and wondering, and I have noticed the girls are just watching, these legal anabolics products are fantastic! I would recommend your products to anyone who is really serious about getting freaky big and freaky strong."

Carl Midland, Texas

"I ordered D-Androbol just a little over a month ago. Using this legal anabolic supplement and a more than average eating plan I have already started packing on rock solid MUSCLE fast!!! I can't wait to see what's to come! I am about to order another few bottles and highly recommend Science Anabolics Labs International to anyone who is interested in getting insanely huge. Thank You Science Anabolics Labs International for your AMAZING products!"

Nathan Ontario, CA

"I have just recently purchased Winnabol, and let me just say, this is some serious no B.S. The first work out I had, I felt real strong through the whole session, with little to no fatigue. The next morning I just felt stronger and could literally see a difference after one workout session. On the second week, my large shirts were just way to tight but I like it that way. These legal anabolic products are the best I've tried... recommended to all my iron pumping bro's!"

Josh Port Neches, Texas

"Using Deca-diboldazol and D-Androbol I have gained pounds of muscle, my bench weight has gone from 215 to 275, my squats have gone from 185 to 265, and most important I have gone from 335 to 410 on my dead lifts. Great legal anabolics products would recommend them to anyone."

Rich Tucson, Arizona

"Since I been taking Winnabol and Supradrol I am losing weight and gaining muscle mass. Now I been taking D-Androbol and wow what a quick difference it has been. I feel stronger and look much better than ever. You guys have great legal anabolics products and great customer service. Any questions I had you have answer it quickly and professional. You have a loyal customer to your great products. Thanks!"

Mark Bronx, New York

"I have been using the D-Androbol and have gained muscle mass and have become completely ripped and my energy and confidence is through the roof on these legal anabolic supplements. I have been using other supplements for years but none have had the great effect of these."

Dylan Ormand Beach, Florida

"I just finished my first 'cycle' of the 8 Week Get Freaky Big Stack. All I can is is "WOW". I was skeptical at first but kept with my new training/exercise program my veins are now JUMPING out of my skin! I had to change all my shirts because I just got so BIG almost too fast!!! I just wanted to say THANK YOU to the whole staff at Science Anabolics Labs for these amazing legal anabolics!! You ROCK!!"

Jarrod Monterey, California

"Just wanted to tell you that I am having great results using Testanabol. I recommend your products to anyone who is attempting to recover from injury or increase strength, size and overall endurance in their workouts with legal anabolics products. Thank you!"

Del Cape Coral, Florida Serving Our Nation Proudly in Iraq

"Have you ever felt, when you were at the gym, that people were laughing at the weight you were putting up. Making fun of you behind your back because you were weak. I know I sure did. That's why I ordered Deca-diboldazol. I wanted to show all those people in the gym that I wasn't someone to be messed with. Using Deca-diboldazol I went from a moderate guy to a ripped 6 foot 205 pound machine. I am now lifting two 45's on my bench for the first time ever. I'm so happy for what Deca-diboldazol and these legal anabolic products have done to my body, and the extra attention from the ladies ain' t bad either."

Anthony Ceres, California

"I have been using D-Androbol for only about 3-weeks. The results are incredible. My workout partner can't believe it! We have been working out for a year and a half and I have never had gains like this in such a short time. I am starting to see nice rips in my abs and my chest is swelling up nicely!!! I feel an increase in energy and my workouts are more intense. I have strongly recommended this legal anabolic product to several of my friends. Thanks !"

Guy Plaquemine, Louisiana

"I have been using the Deca-diboldazol. I have a friend that I work out with and I always try to push myself to what he lifts but now after 3 weeks I am getting closer to what he lifts. He is 9 years older than me and has been lifting for a few years. My biceps have grown I can feel it when I put my shirts on now and I can feel and see it in my chest as well. When I do squats I know that its one of the exercises that I have never liked but now I don't care cause I know I am making my legs grow. Its tough to work out more days for me cause of my work schedule I change from days to nights alot but with 3 days a week in just 3 weeks I feel the difference. I definitely wanna try another legal anabolic cycle I'm thinking about going with 4 days a week and maybe the Winnabol! Thank you!"

Davy Hereford, Texas

"Of course I was skeptical at first. The proof is in the results, it's what other people are telling me. I got the 8 Week Get Freaky Big Stack, and my dumbbell bench has increased 20 lbs. my squats 90 lbs. and my standing curls 40lbs. I'm completely satisfied with the results I'm getting from your legal anabolic supplements. My ma says 'wow have you been working out you look ten years younger' and my wife says she's really proud of me and I'm getting big. I feel so much better and confident. I can't wait to see what the next four weeks will bring. P. S. I'm 38 years old I feel 28 again."

Ken Yorba Linda, California

"I have already noticed, particularly my buddies at the gym have noticed, how much muscle I have gained and how much definition I am gaining. They don't know I'm using Supradrol. Some of the biggest guys at the gym have said I have the potential to get really big and that they are seeing it happen before their very eyes. I get compliments all the time from them saying I have really trimmed down and the definition is beginning to show. Some of them are shaking their heads in disbelief of my massive gains due to my insane work outs at the gym. Well, they ain't seen nothing yet. Can't wait to see my results from Supradrol in 30 days stacked along with Winnabol. Yes, I want to see how insanely big and chiseled I get in 30 days from this legal anabolic stack."

Frank Tampa, Florida

"What's going on' I have been taking the Deca-diboldazol. I was struggling to bench 225 one time. The fourth day of me taking the product I did a chest workout and put up more weight than I ever have before. I can't wait to take the rest of my cycle."

Christopher Danville, Kentucky

"After researching these legal anabolics products I ordered my first 8 Week Get Freaky Big Stack. I began taking the products weighing 220 lbs and benching only on the Bow-Flex. Then after only one week on the products I felt so good that I left the Bow-Flex and went back to the steel. The quality of these products is unequaled by any, and trust me I have been burnt in the past, but I can honestly say has discovered the secret to legally producing an anabolic supplement that will help you gain mass and strength very quickly without the injections. Thanks guys for changing my life. I have that swagger back in my walk again."

Jeffrey Greenfield, Tennessee

"I have used D-Androbol, Deca-diboldazol and Testanabol. The Testanabol took me from flab to fab, I lost fat and gained lean muscle. I will use these legal anabolics products again and again. Plus the people at Science Anabolics Labs are great to me. I would recommend them to anyone."

Doug Lake Charles, Louisiana

"These legal anabolics products are just what I need to break through a tough plateau. I would order from them again. I used Deca-diboldazol."

Ron Davenport, Iowa

"Using the 8 Week Insanely Huge Mass Stack I have made some very good improvements as far as definition and size go I have lost fat and gained in my arms and chest and got some new added tattoos ha I have only been performing 1 1/2 hour workouts 5 days a week."

Jesse Lake Havasu, Arizona

"Using D-Androbol and Winnabol my chest has taken on a different look over the last 3 weeks with the above stack cycle. A more leaner muscular look. My overall energy levels are up. I definitely have more energy for a longer session in the gym. Overall, I am very optimistic of even more improvements in the near future using these legal anabolic supplements."

Alan Ontario, CA

"I would like to thank Science Anabolics Labs for the great legal anabolic product I have gotten from them. I have been taking Deca-diboldazol for about two weeks and I am already seeing a big difference in and out of the gym I have more endurance during my workouts I have went up on my bench max by 25 lbs already. I am noticing more size in my arms and chest this is by far the best product I have ever used."

Kevin Clanton, Alabama

"I have been taking Deca-diboldazol and have gained strength and put on a few pounds of lean muscle. I have noticed that I can work out longer and with more intensity than ever before. I can only imagine what gains I will have accomplished in the weeks to come, but with the legal anabolics products from Science Anabolics Labs they will be achieved."

Matt Beckley, West Virginia

"I have been trying to find the right legal anabolic product to help me gain my size and strength. After looking for many years I recently came upon D-Androbol through and am very pleased with the outcome. My bench went up, my arms and back muscle were increasing in size faster, I would recommend this product to anyone serious about gaining size and strength. I give it a 5 star rating."

Jody Apple Valley, California

"Your prices have been remarkably competitive. Everything I have read about these legal anabolics products has brought me back to one thing: this stuff ain't no joke. D-Androbol really helped me pack on serious muscle. It's been rock solid muscle and trust me the ladies are banging at the door. Ain't nothing like it out there. Thanks guys."

Bruce Windsor, Connecticut

"Taking D-Androbol, Winnabol, and Deca-diboldazol I gained gained 12 pounds of lean muscle. Thanks !"

Todd Lee's Summit, Missouri

"I ordered the 10 Week Super Human Strength Stack and I am about halfway through my cycle. These legal anabolics products are great. I have increased my bench and squats, and my muscles are much more defined and I have also dropped my body fat as well. I would recommend these products to anyone. Thank you!"

Larry Campobello, South Carolina

"I purchased 2 bottles of Deca-diboldazol and I can't believe the results I've had...I've gained solid muscle mass on my arms and my back and chest have just exploded on these legal anabolic supplements. I can't believe how well this stuff has worked. With the right foods and workout anyone can get these incredible results. Thanx again!"

Kevin Dowington, Pennsylvania

"I've been using Winnabol for a month and a half and noticed great gains of lean muscle in my chest and arms. I recommend this legal anabolic product to anyone who wants to make incredible gains in lean muscle mass and strength. Thanks!"

John Palestine, Texas

"Hey Guys how you doing... I'm great man, I'm so impressed with the results. Along with dedicated training, running, and my nutrition were very disciplined. I love your legal anabolic supplements and recommend them to anyone who wants to take weight training to the next level... I am very happy and comfortable at a RIPPED 220 pounds... Thank you very much for the extra boost."

Browny Smithville, New Jersey

"Thanks for recommending D-Androbol, best legal anabolic product I've ever tried. After two weeks of use my arms have gotten much bigger and my bench went way up. On my 6th week now and I need bigger shirts. I highly recommend this product if you are serious about getting big and gaining strength."

Tou Sacramento, California

"I just started using Deca-diboldazol and within the first week I've seen a tremendous change in my endurance when working out. I'm seeing more vascularity in my arms and calves. I am also noticing a good increase in strength. I can't wait to see the outcome after the first legal anabolic cycle is done."

Scott Phoenix, Arizona

"Using the Get Freaky Big Stack I'm seeing excellent strength gains! I just completed one cycle...and I have never experienced more intense workouts and strength gains. In fact, I have experienced great pumps and increased confidence during workout; Furthermore, my body seems to demand more poundage, but I just do not want to be carried out; therefore, stay careful. But I can handle more weights if I chose to do so. These legal anabolics products are amazing!!! Thank you everyone involved for producing these products!"

Best Regards, Bulent Redondo Beach, California

"I have been using your legal anabolic product for a couple of weeks,Supradrol, and it has gave me great results. The product has given me more strength and has helped me look much better and I couldn't believe it will give me these results so fast. I like the product so much I'm planning to buy Winnabol to get more strength and muscle mass. Just want to thank you for the great customer service I have received with very specific details of what I'm suppose to eat and how much lifting I'm supposed to do. Thank you for your product."

Mark Bronx, New York

"Since I have started on Deca-diboldazol I feel a change in my body and when I look in the mirror I can really see my chest is getting bigger. I would recommend this legal anabolic product to my friends. Thanks!"

Chad Renville, Minnesota

"I have been taking D-Androbol, Deca-diboldazol, and Winnabol for about a week and a half. I have seen great gains in my strength, endurance and size. Every day now I look forward to going to the gym instead of dreading it. I have grown in my chest and in my biceps using these legal anabolic supplements. I feel strong just when I am walking around."

Ryan Columbia, South Carolina SPC MIL US ARMY

“I have been using your Deca-Dibodazol for 3 weeks now and I'm amazed! Before Not only does it make me stronger when I lift I don't get that heavy feeling that makes you think twice about stacking another 10 pounds on the bar…this stuff works…and is well worth it and with the deals they throw up all the time you can’t beat it! Thanks for the great legal anabolic product!”

Johnathan F. Madison, WI.

“I love your products (Testanabol, Winnabol, Supradrol) and man I have people I don't even know mad all over the place because I am getting so big and looking so good! Anyway I need to know if I can take this legal anabolic stuff all year, or do I have to give it a rest? Because I feel that I have no limits on growth. Man I am a beast THIS STUFF IS GOOD! I AM THE BLACK CAPTAIN AMERICA. A REAL LIFE SUPER HERO NO FOR REAL."

F.SPC. Johnny B. Proudly Serving our Nation in Afghanistan

“I just wanted to drop a line and tell you guys that I think that your legal anabolics products are amazing. I'm 6 weeks into an 8 week cycle of Deca-Diboldazol and can't believe the gains in muscle and strength. All of my lifts have gone up. I'm getting ready to order the Winnabol to cut up and can’t wait to get it in. Once the summers over I'm going to order one of the stacks and really pack on the muscle. Thanks!”

Mark L. Vineland, NJ.

"stuff is awesome!"

Edward B. Claremont, NH.

“My max in high school and even after high school was like 175 180 on the bench. Now I am benching 195lbs 3 times as a warm up then a set of 3 at 210lbs then a final set of 3 at 225lbs. The owner of the gym approached me the other day and was like Matt starting to fill out there son. I was like gotta eat right, lift heavy, and find the right supplements (Winnabol, Masterzolol) and wham. I went back home to Michigan a few weeks ago and my buddies were like what are you taking. They asked me if I was "juicin" again and I said nope from some stuff way better. Point of the story was my forearms have exploded and my overall arms have grown. I got veins everywhere popping out. Anyways thanks so far for the great legal anabolics products. Thanks again guys. You guys have got a long life customer here.”

Matt S. Marathon, FL.

“I started useing Deca-diboldazol bout 3 weeks ago, all i can say is this stuff works, I’ve been lifting for years and have tryed 1000s of dollars of all types of stuff and somethings I should not have. I will not use any legal anabolic product that’s not made by Science Anabolics Labs!”

Jason A. Southaven, MS.

“Im currently using Protropil and Supradrol. Seeing great results from these legal anabolics!”

Jeremy L. Pageland, SC.

“Holy batman!! I ordered Deca-diboldazol, Winnabol and Supradrol and started my cycle 3 weeks ago. At the age of 44 I wanted that body that I had 20+ years ago. I work out 5-6 days a week and have a pretty regimented diet. I reasearched your legal anabolics products and I admit I was extremely skeptical before I ordered. I thought, what the heck, I will give it a try with no high expectations. After 3 weeks I am headed out to buy new jeans (smaller in the waist). My wifes best freind commented, and I quote "what exactly is he doing? He is looking good and gettin cut up". My wife replied, just working out and eating right, but I hope he doesnt stop. She doesnt know I am supping with this stuff. And might I add, the bedroom is better and more abundant that it has been in 15 years. My workout buddy, whom I havent seen in three weeks asked me yesterday in the gym, what are you on? Ha, this stuff really works. My body is looking better and my lifts are going way up. Body fat is dropping and adding mass and cuts to my body. I am so impressed with the results I am seeing after just 3 short weeks. I cant wait to see what happens in the following weeks. You guys definitely gained a lifetime customer. My only regret is that I didnt do this sooner. Thankyou!”

Steve S. Billings, MT

"The results from your legal anabolics products (D-Androbol) are great!"

Don D. Staten Island, NY.

“Hey guys just bought two bottles of your Testanabol and haven't even been taking it for a week yet and I have went up in my weights and feeling great. These legal anabolic products are great. I'll be buying two more bottles after this is gone.”

Jon B. Brooklyn, MD.

“I have been on the 8 Week GET FREAKY BIG legal anabolic cycle and stack I’m into my first week my muscles feel fuller and more defined. Im excited to see what else comes my way, you def. picked up another liftime customer!”

Michael P. West New York, NJ.

“I have been using "Get Freaky Big" (Deca-diboldazol, Winnabol, Testanabol) for several months, it works! I am told that I am already Freaky Big (6' 3" 285lbs Ripped, Bench 350lbs+) and have been pumping iron for many years. I research and take many supplements, with Get Freaky Big I feel a increase in strength, which is not my imagination. I find GFB is a helpful training tool along with the right diet and heavy iron at the gym training 6X a week. I have turned a lot of heads in the gym over the years with GFB's help I think I will continue even in my 50's.”

Michael M. Boca Raton, FL

“These legal anabolics (Winnabol & Testanabol) are amazing in the strength and size I gained in twelve weeks. I traded fat for muscle in that time and now i am just plain out ripped! You guys have gained a lifetime customer, thank you Get Freaky I love your products and what they do for my body and health! Thanks to you my girlfriends like it to!”

Jason B. Cape Coral, FL.

“I have tried all kinds of supplements without much success. I started taking your 14 week stack at 182LBS! My upper body has exploded and the females...well I've gotten some great looks and reviews from them. My vascularity has increased and I have veins bulging from my chest and arms that I never knew I had. At 35 years old I've never gotten more smiles! I recommend your products to anyone wanting to get that boost in their workout. A few other guys have been taking your legal anabolic supplements as well and they have had ever greater results. Your products work. Your product made me want to never leave the gym and I'm back in the best shape of my life. I have taken a few weeks off from your supplements and I am still seeing results. I can't wait to try another cycle in a month or two. Thanks for the change. It's great to find something that actually works!”

Thomas H. Watertown, NY.

Hi. After trying numerous other legal anabolic products the search stops here. Ater using 2 cycles of Testanabol and Deca- diboldazol I am amazed. I have added rock solid muscle mass to every group. I have been adding 20 pounds per excercise. This stuff is amazing. For a 49 year old I look and feel like I am 30 again. Fantastic stuff. THANKS!!!”

Rick P.

“My name is Micah I’m 30 years old im in the best shape of my life i took 2 legal anabolic cycles of the (Get Freaky Big Stack) and loved it. i could lift more, run farther, and out work anyone in the gym. I love you guys at getfreakybig .com”

Micah R. St. Johns, AZ

“I have bought Testanabol about 4 times now... because this legal anabolic supplement works! I am a 48 year old male that thought putting on muscle at my age was done...I just spent a week down at the beach.... I have not had so much attention from the wife was amazed at the young girls flirting with me. I do not know why I did not find Testanabol sooner!”

Lorne A.

“Supradrol is everything they say it is and the weight loss on this product was incredible along with my dedicated training and diet plan!!!”

David D. Warwick, RI

“Science Anabolics Labs your legal anabolics products are out of this world!!! I took 2 bottles of your Testanabol. After eight weeks, lost some unwanted body fat. Thank you for my new muscle size and freaky strength!!!”

Shaun S. S. Africa

“On my 4th week of Deca-diboldazol…put solid muscle on arms and chest, and my shoulders are all cut up, I'm super happy with these results, next up imma try a stack, I'm hooked on your legal anabolics products. I'm with you guys as long as I can lift weights, and almost forgot the strength gains are through the roof too, customer for life here.”

Justin R. Murrieta , CA

“I have used Winnabol & Deca-diboldazoI, I have even thrown in some Testanabol. Let me tell you, I have tried a lot of stuff but nothing can compare to Science Anabolics Labs legal anabolics products! I have transformed my body. I am stronger than I ever was before. I have veins bulging everywhere! This product is awesome! The guys at the gym can't believe how strong & ripped I am. I will continue to use this product. Your loyal customer.”

Jake K. Grand Haven, MI

“My name is Edward U. and I got started on your Get Freaky Big Stack. Compliments are pouring in from everyone and especially the ladies. Also, let me say my girl loves me being on your products. I'm in the mood 24/7 and she can't be any happier. Thanks Guys for awesome legal anabolics products and making me a believer in you and having me as a new customer for life.”

Edward U. Middlesax, NJ

“I’m currently 47 yrs old, i am using your D-androbol and your Testanabol legal anabolics products for my 2nd cycle this year. I have increased my bench 30lbs, well until my weight bench broke, literally i have to buy another one. Im curling 40lbs more than before using your products and my deadlifts/shrugs that has increased at least 40lbs. Thanks for the products!”

Mike F. Cleveland, OH

“Ok so I was a little sceptical about trying your products but I gave it a shot anyways. I took Deca-Diboldazol & D-Androbol for 1 month. I took 3 of each every day with a high protein diet and intense workouts. After the first week I was noticing huge strength gains & starting 2 notice some size. My shoulders look alot more bulkier & biceps look like they could explode! I experienced crazy pumps with these 2 products. I couldn't wait 2 get off work so I could work out!!! I can't wait 2 order again and I'm going 2 try the 8 week get freaky big stack and I'm goin 2 try the Protropil with it!!! You guys are awsome keep up the good work! Your legal anabolics are amazing!!!”

Cody R. Hartford City, IN

“Love your legal anabolics products (Winnabol, Masterzolol, Testanabol) and getting great results!”

Robert B. Burbank, CA

“I bought a legal anabolic product from you guys, Supradrol, I love the results!”

Rick W. Mohrsville, PA

“I could write a huge essay on how pleased I am with the simple two bottles of Deca-diboldazol that I ordered. I have two weeks left yet and the results so far are unbelievable.Your legal anabolic products are by far the best and u just got another lifetime customer!! Can't wait to stack Deca-diboldazol and D-androbol my next cycle!!”

Brian S. Green Bay, WI

“I have been working out since I was 16, I was big before starting your legal anabolic product but as every bodybuilder wants is to get Massive and much bigger which your product (Winnabol & Testanabol) has proved it can do, I will continue your products and soon to order more do another cycle when the times come around again. Looking forward to ordering more freakin stuff from you guys soon.”

Bayside, NY Jorge C.

“My name is Andrew. I'm 40 years old and have been out of the gym and shape for quite some time (years). Skepticism allowed me to only order one product, but while researching Deca-diboldazol I noticed the two for one offer, so I thought why not try some Winnabol also and see how good these legal anabolic products work.

Within one week the strength I experienced in my back and legs was reminiscent of my youth. My arms and chest began to grow & definition was great. This led me to go ahead and place another order. This time I got D-androbol & Masterzolol. The strength and muscle definition has been great. I'm losing that spare tire and getting that V shape that even as a kid was elusive. All I can say is thank-you. I wish you guys had t-shirts or tank tops with your logo on it so we would know who else in the gym is a "FREAK".

Andrew D. Newland, NC

“Taking Supradrol, Winnabol, D-androbol, Testanabol, Deca-diboldazol. I am benchpressing 405, dumbbell military press 120 each arm, shoulder shrugs 600 lbs, bend over rolls 405, skys the limits. I am very happy with the legal anabolic products i am taking from get freaky I am 38 years old and i fell like i am in my twenties. Thank you again”

Stephen M. Kaneohe, HI


Brian S. U.S. Military Proudly Serving Our Nation In Afghanistan

“I have been taking the Testanabol for 8 weeks now. I have gained strength in my squats and deadlifts. I have more muscle definition and more energy now. I have been taking OTC supplements for about 7 years now and your product is by far the best. I have 2 weeks left on the Testanabol, then I will try a different legal anabolic product to add mass. I would definitely recommend this product.”

Tony J Nashville, TN

“I have order a few times now. I have used Winnabol, Deca-diboldazol, and Testanabol ....all of these legal anabolics work excellent.”

Marcus R. Gainesville, FL

“I bought 8 week insanely huge mass stack with stack 36.....It help me get all the gains I could have asked for! "

Jonathan W. Williamsburg, MA

“Just wanted to say the D-Androbol legal anabolic product is really Awesome!!! I have gotten several people at my gym to drop there old supplements and switch to you guys and they are feelin it too!! Thanks again ...I will keep the new customers coming your way!!”

Nitro, WV Michael U.

“I am taking your legal anabolic product now (Deca-diboldazol) it is working. I am getting stronger but i have lost a little weight but i look more ripped so i can bench 300 and i weight 167 and i am 51 and I work out 6 days a week and my legs have climbed about 30 pounds. I would say your product is by far the best I have used in a long time I can't wait to see what I will look like in 4 weeks.”

Charles B. Greencastle, IN

“This is the best legal anabolic product line (Get Freaky Big PRO Stack) that i have tried.”

Milton B. Hewitt, TX

“I’m half way through my first cycle (Insanely Huge Mass Stack)…works great. I am enjoying your legal anabolics products very much.....Thanks”

Kevin B. Azle, TX

“I love the legal anabolics products (Winnabol, D-androbol, Testanabol, Protropil). They are awesome and gained 15lbs. I will use your products from now on. I am telling everyone about it. Thank you and God bless.” Rafael M. Orlando, FL

“I'm currently just starting using Deca-Diboldazol 6 days now and I love the denseness and full pump feeling I get from it. I plan to be on for the rest of my training years. I'm 54 and have been bodybuilding since 16. Most people think I'm in my late 30's to early 40's which makes feel real good. Thanks for your legal anabolic products, guidance and support. Gratefully yours…”

Hainsley B. Euless, TX

“Just finished the Insanely Huge Mass Stack. Added considerable muscle all over using this legal anablolic stack.”

Norm P. Highland Heights, OH

“Hi guys just wanted to let you know how awesome your legal anabolics products are…Over the last several months i have tried Winnabol, D-Androbol and Deca-diboldazol with amazing results! All my weights went up, my chest and arms blew up, I lost fat and gained lean muscle! Cant wait to order your Insanely Huge stack this winter so I can be \"freaky big\" next summer. As a matter of fact, I just ordered the Testanabol and Protropil. Thanks again.”

John S. New Windsor, NY

*Getting huge and/or incinerating body fat requires overall discipline, dedication, and a specific goal to be the best, biggest, strongest, lean and mean version of yourself as well as lifting heavy weights in the gym and eating right year-round. Yes, you MUST get up off the couch now to achieve your goals. We do not B.S. our VIP clients around here. VIP clients providing testimonials used our products in conjunction with a complete bodybuilding training and exercise program like the ones found here, including a well balanced, high-protein or reduced calorie diet and may have combined our products with other supplements to achieve their highest muscle building fat burning goals. Testimonials were not paid money. Some testimonials received a free sample bottle(s) and have not been independently verified. VIP client testimonials represent phenomenal and freakish results. A specific product endorser's experience using our products may not be what an average or typical consumer will achieve. Not all product users will achieve the same or similar results. Do not exceed the maximum dose on the label(s). As with any type of prescription or over the counter drugs, there may be undesired side effects. Consult your doctor before beginning this or any nutrition, exercise, and/or dietary supplementation program. All claims made are based on listed ingredients and scientific research related thereto for each respective product. No clinical or medical study has been performed on these products by regulatory authorities. The Food & Drug Administration does not approve anabolic supplements for use or sale. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Do not use unless you have followed these and all label warning(s).